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FlashUpdate 1.3.7

No Image Update is a full-featured and easy-to-use software update solution for Windows developers. Create, manage, and distribute your software updates and patches easily! With minimal effort on your part, your customers can now check for updates to your applications, and install the updates automatically over the Internet. Creating and managing software updates using FlashUpdate is a refreshingly quick and painless process. FlashUpdate features a powerful

PatchBreeze 1.4: Complete tool for building compact updates of your software! Very user friendly!
PatchBreeze 1.4

How do you like the idea of distributing a short file instead of the whole program, when a small modification was made? And what about the updates of the documents? Every time you have updated the document all you need is to email a file with those updates instead of redistributing the whole document! All this is now possible with PatchBreeze, a complete software update system! Create updates of your software visually and with ease!

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ActivePatch 1.2: Used to create a patch of a single file or an update for a complete product.
ActivePatch 1.2

updates: Reduces the size of an update. ActivePatch analyzes the original and updated file at the byte level, generating the smallest size patch file required to perform the update. Faster update creation and distribution. Unlike re-packaging or creating incremental updates, generating a patch does not require the developer to create another program or modify an existing script (such as an InstallShield installation script) for each update that is

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HeikinAshi4MetaStock 1.0: Create Heikin Ashi data files in MetaStock format
HeikinAshi4MetaStock 1.0

create and update Heikin Ashi data files in MetaStock. The program creates data files with modified open, high, low, close values and according to the computation rules for Heikin-ashi trend technique. Once these data files are created/updated, they can be displayed as Heikin Ashi trend charts in MetastockTM using the candlestick representation. The directory with the original data files will not be modified. The program creates a new directory containing

metastock, candlestick, heikin ashi

Net Update 1.85: Net Update is the fastest & easiest way to distribute all your software updates.
Net Update 1.85

Net Update is the fastest and easiest way to distribute all your software updates. Using a powerful client/server infrastructure, client software can be modified, patched, or completely updated in whatever configuration best suits your requirements. Flexible, secure, and reliable. Net Update is a simple, yet comprehensive software update solution built on trusted, industry-safe Internet and LAN protocols.

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AppLife Update Limited Complete Automatic Update Solution for .Net. Create, Publish, Download, Apply.
AppLife Update Limited

Update provides a powerful, flexible, and reliable software update distribution and authoring system. Updates can be placed on any file server, web server, or ftp server. Using AppLife Update, you can easily enable your applications to discover, download, and apply updates automatically with little or no user interaction. You can use AppLife Update actions to actually perform the update process of your software, or you can use Windows Installer packages

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MakeMsi 13.251: Builds or Updates MSI based Installers (written by a Microsoft MVP).
MakeMsi 13.251

Written by a Microsoft MVP to create or update MSI (Windows Installer) based installers for files, registry etc using an XML like script. Command line for automated builds (NMAKE, ANT, NANT builds etc). A HTML report can be created (with a "file verify" button). For both beginners and advanced users. Common processes can be defined once and reused in multiple projects (templates). Has extensive documentation and a large user group (500+ members).

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